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Hey cuties I’m back with another giveaway! This time kindly sponsored by Cute Kawaii, please check out their adorable store and be sure to use the promocode "momo-tea" to receive a 10% discount!

Now for the giveaway details~


  • $80.00 store credit for their shop 


  • Starts July 1st, 2014
  • Ends August 27th, 2014


  • must be following me (momo-tea)
  • must reblog this post, only reblogs will count
  • likes do not count, but you can like for reference
  • must enter the giveaway HERE
  • post must reach 1000 notes before the end date in order to take place
  • a total of 1000 entries must be reached on the rafflecopter as well


  • +10 entries if you purchased something from Cute Kawaii with my discount code [momo-tea] and submit to me confirmation of your order (i.e. screenshot, images of the package when it arrives, etc.)

Okay so this giveaway is a little different, [please read this explanation and if you have any further questions, feel free to ask]

Instead of your usual reblog giveaways,this one is generated by Rafflecopter. You must follow the rules and entries HERE and to earn extra entries you must complete each requirement. If you reblog this post daily or whenever, it counts as an extra entry but it will only count if you submit to the rafflecopter again. 

I hope this was simple enough and I hope many of you cuties join! Good luck to everyone and thank you for participating!


If this reaches 3k notes before the end date, I’ll hold another one!

There is no such thing as a BAP bias. There’s just the main bias, the bias list ruiner, the god why bias, the nope nope nope bias, the stahp now bias, and the fuck you you’re not even my bias bias.

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